Am I Eligible ? I Have Passed 12th ! Career After 12th : Find Out

Am I Eligible ? I Have Passed 12th ! Career After 12th : Find Out

Are you searching for various and one of a kind courses after twelfth, stressed over your profession, Confused what to pick after twelfth. All things considered, here is arrangement what you are looking, you can discover the rundown of courses you can decide on after your twelfth. Training till twelfth is essential that makes a solid base of hopefuls yet what is more imperative than that comes after the twelfth when you have to pick a course or vocation way as indicated by your Stream. Till twelfth, an understudy is shown all the essential subjects with no such wide branches or stream that they have to pick after 12th.All the subjects are fundamental and are intended to help understudies to build up their enthusiasm for a specific stream.Career After 12th

So understudies build up their enthusiasm till twelfth, what is straightaway? They have to pick a surge of subjects and course. This is an extremely significant time of any understudy as they have to pick a correct course.Career After 12th

Right profession course to pick.

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It is imperative to pick a correct course particularly after twelfth since it is the venturing stone of your profession. The vocation course you pick after the fruition of your twelfth chooses what and where you will be in your future.Career After 12th

Numerous understudies not ready to choose or they don’t have the best possible direction on which course to pick or which course is reasonable for them. Along these lines, they wind up with picking any course which they lament in the wake of doing. So picking a correct vocation course after twelfth is critical.Career After 12th

So to pick a correct course, one ought to know about the distinctive courses accessible and furthermore what the courses are about. In like manner, there are diverse inquiries an understudy should clear before picking a specific stream or course. For this, understudies can likewise go for profession directing however now you can see the rundown of courses after twelfth in various streams – Art/trade/Science. Career After 12th

Profession Options after twelfth Science – PCB:

Check the rundown of courses you can do after your twelfth from science field.

Science graduation course (B.Sc) graduation)

BSc. Agribusiness

PC application course (BCA)


1. United Fields

EEG expert

Doctor’s facility director/Administrator

Medicinal lab technologist

Atomic medine technologist

Radiation innovation

Pathology innovation

Respiratory advisor

Sonographer expert

Task theater collaborator


Back rub treatment

Pressure point massage

Needle therapy

Yoga treatment

2. Bio Chemist

3. Bio Medical

4. Biotechnology

5. Biosciences








Natural Science

6. Fishery Science

7. Nourishment Technologist

8. Ranger service And Wildlife

9. Home Science

10. Sea life Biology

11. Para drug


Language training



Word related Therapy

Prosthetics and Orthotics

Therapeutic Lab Technology

Optometry and Ophthalmic innovation

Nourishment And Dietetics

12. Drug

General Physician/Doctor








Electro logy




General Surgeons

Neuron Surgeons


Thoracic Surgeons

Injury Surgeons






ENT/Ear nose Throat Specialist



13. Homeopathy

14. Ayurvedic

15. Dentist - Orthodontist

16. Unani

17. Sidha

Courses after twelfth science (PCM)

Check the rundown of courses you can do after your twelfth from science field.

1. Science graduation course(B.Sc)

2. graduation)

3. BBA

4. PC application course (BCA)

5. B.A.

6. B.Tech

7. Data Technology

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Gadgets and Communication Engineering

Software Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Marine Engineering

Substance Engineering

Oil Engineering

Assembling process and Automotive

Aeronautical Technology

8. B.Tech Courses after twelfth for science(PCM)

B.Tech ( Aero Space Engineering)

B.Tech ( Metallurgical and Materials Engineering)

B.Tech (Aerospace/Marine Engineering)

B.Tech (Automobile Engineering)

B.Tech (Automobile Engineering)

B.Tech (Bio-innovation)

B.Tech (Chemical Engg.)

B.Tech (Civil Engineering)

B.Tech (Computer Science and Engg)

B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)

B.Tech (Dairy Technology)

B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)

B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

B.Tech (Electronics and Telecommunications) and MBA (Telecom) Dual Degree

B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

B.Tech (Food Tech.)

B.Tech (H) in Aerospace Engineering

B.Tech (Information Technology and Engineering)

B.Tech (Information Technology)

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

B.Tech (Paint Tech. )

B.Tech (Textile Engineering)

B.Tech (Textile Manufactures)

B.Tech Bioinformatics

B.Tech Marine Engineering

B.Tech( Electronics and Telecom)

B.Tech(Industrial Bio-Technology)

B.Tech. Software engineering

B.Tech. Gadgets and Communication

B.Tech. in Bio-Technology

B.Tech. in Information Technology

B.Tech. Mechanical

B.Tech.(H) in Agricultural and Food Engineering

B.Tech.(H) in Chemical Engineering

Courses after twelfth Arts:

Look at the immense rundown of courses you can pick after twelfth from Arts stream.

Graduate certificate in print and web, communicate or interactive media Journalism)

3D Animation

Propel Diploma in Animation-Expert

Propel Diploma in Fashion Designing

Propel Diploma in Interior Designing

Propel Hair Diploma Holder

Propelled Diploma in Multimedia

Air Hostess

Tying down

Mass Communication

Aesthetic Basic Jewelry Design Program

B. A. Program with Functional Hindi

B. Sc Degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile Design

B.A (Honors in Sociology)

B.A (Honors) Economics B.A (Honors) Economics

B.A (Honors) History

B.A (Hons) English

B.A (Journalism)

B.A (Psychology)

B.A – Tourism, History and Journalism

B.A Economic (Hons)


B.Sc – Jewelry Designing and Management (B.SC. JD&M)


B.A. (Clothing Design and Merchandising)>

B.A. (Financial matters, English, Politics)

Lone ranger in Fine Arts

B.A. (H) English with Journalism

B.A. (Hons.) Humanities and Social Sciences

B.A. (Hons.) in Social Work

B.A. Rationality Hons.

B.Des. (Extra Design)

B.Des. (Mold Design)

B.Des. (Material Design)


B.Sc (Electronics Media)

B.Sc (Hospitality Studies)

BA (Hons.) in Marketing Management

Courses after twelfth Commerce:

Look at the rundown of courses you can pick after your twelfth , in the event that you are from business stream.


B.B.M (Bachelor of Business Management)

B. Com (Banking and Insurance)

B Com (Honors in Accounting and Finance)

B.Com (Honors)

B.Com (Professional )

B.A (Fashion Communication)

B.Com. (PCs)

B.Com+ Cosmic Certified Accountant (CCA)

B.M.M. ( Bachelors Degree in Mass Media)

Unhitched male of Business Administration (BBA) + Graduate Diploma in Retail Management (GDRM)

Unhitched male of Business Administration (BBA) – Hotel Management

Contracted Accountancy.(CA).

Organization Secretary (CS).

Cost and Work Accountant (CWA).

5 years coordinated MBA course.

Form Designing.

Inside Designing.


Inn Management

Unhitched male in Commerce

Unhitched male in Environmental Management

Unhitched male of Foreign Trade Management

B.Com in Banking and Finance

Flying and Hospitality Management

Tourism Management

Managing an account and Finance

Unhitched male of Management ponders

Bookkeeping and Insurance

Design Technology

Confirmation courses after twelfth (Commerce )

Confirmation in Retail Management

Confirmation in Accounting and Finance

Confirmation in Human Resources

Confirmation in Information Technology

Confirmation in Banking

Confirmation in Infrastructure and Construction

Confirmation in Marketing

Confirmation in Interior Designing

Confirmation in Textile and Leather Designing

Confirmation in Plastic Technology

Confirmation in Company Secretary dispatch

Certificate in Entrepreneurship.


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