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About my website sarkarijobalive.com , i started this website with a simple purpose to provide general job information regarding various posts like State Staff member or a Army person or navy, Civil engineer to a Doctor , Nurse and etc etc. this website generally for Latest information you don’t have to go round n round to find jobs in every single site , i know most people can’t find proper information about job because Most of the website in todays world are writing content n content . “array sidha sidha ye btao ki humre liye hain job ki nhi ” why too much words n a khichadi of sentences So here you will not find any kind of khichadi..  by the way its in World gennies records so don’t make fun of it. Find info Find simple.

feel free to ask any question send me mail directly at admin@sarkarijobalive.com

Amit Bahukhandi

From DevBhomi ( Ukd)